how much does a queen sleeper sofa weigh?

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Answered: Most comfortable sleeper sofas

Sleeper sofas are indeed in itself very comfortable no doubt. I think you can check out the most comfortable one with a local furniture shop. Sofa

Answered: Where can I find Professional Sleeper jobs?

What are your qualifications? Do you have references from other jobs, where you spent most of your time asleep? Do you aspire to move up to more advanced positions, like being in coma for extended periods?

Answered: What is the size of a duble size sleeper sofa?

The mattress in a Double (aka Full) sleeper sofa is generally 52"W x 72"L; as opposed to 54 x 75 for a Full (bedroom) mattress

Answered: Are you a short sleeper?

I love to sleep. I sleep about atleast 7 hours a day.

Answered: Is there such a thing as a comfortable sofa bed ...

Our sofa bed's mattress has an inflatable top. It comes with a mini pump which inflates just the top instantly. Makes the mattress completely comfy. Cannot feel any "bars" whatsoever. it is worth the extra $100 we paid for it.

Answered: Which is more practical, a sectional sofa or a ...

Major advantage of a sofa and loveseat is that they will fit into any home, whereas a sectional may not fit in the future if you change your residence.
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