how much does a prostitute cost in cartagena colombia?

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Answered: I bought 2 watches ,and the cost was supposed to ...

AOL doesn't sell watches, so why don't you ask the company you bought them from like someone with common sense would do.

Answered: What is included in my AOL Cost

You mean besides the aggravation?

Answered: Colombia costs?

It can cost approximately $28 to $45 per day to eat/drink in Columbia. However, it can be minimum or maximum varying from place to place and depends on what you select. Thanks. For more infomation you can visit this site:

Answered: Cost for sports flooring

Check the price list on There are details.

Answered: Indiana local prostitutes, Vigo County

With the economy as bad as it is they have to make money some way. As they can't get a job that pays well and they work every night. As they should also pay taxes on there wages or donatointions they receive.
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I think that they are up about $5.00/bundle.

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Perhaps you can get the tax back but you might be able to get a better price when you get back home. I'm not sure how the prices are there for electronic equipment but from my experience third world countries aren't necessarily the best places for buying expensive electronic gear.

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What kind of camera are you looking into buying? I'd suggest you buy a second hand one since you are still traveling. Who knows you might loose another one or get it stolen by someone. I think you should buy one back home.

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Boy, was I off! Can someone at the British Embassy help you?