how much does a 8'x8' wood shed weigh,?

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Answered: Permit needed for 8 X 8 shed in Dreher township PA?

Most local codes do not require a permit if the shed is under 100 Sq Ft. I would - as JoeyBoy suggests - you check with your local building codes. You may find that you have 'set back' requirement for your codes. In other words you may be restricted on how close you can erect your shed to another's ...

Answered: What kind of finish can I put on light raw wood without turning it

Polyurethane. Go to Home Depot and ask the same question - they will point you towards products that do exactly what you want.

Answered: Where to buy a wood chipper machine ?

The wood chipper machine Drum wood chipper is the special equipment to produce the wood chips which can be widely used in chipboard factory, middle and high density fiberboard factory, stubble factory, biomass power plant, and wood chipping factory. Raw ...

Answered: Why wood shavings is more preferred for animal bedding ?

Because 1) wood shavings with good absorbency properties ,they will absorb the moisture/water quickly,especially animal's urine,healthy 2)Poultry pens and livestock stalls is easy and economic for cleaning ,the shavings can be reused. 3) The shavings is soft,comfortable as bedding 4)Shavings are ...

Answered: Shed sizes

Hey Eva or Sonny - OronD is right, it really could be any size. I found a solid tool to help choose a shed size some time ago. It allows you to choose the items you want to put in, rather than basing it just on size. It's branded, but the sizes are pretty generic if you'd like to buy some other ...

Answered: Shed roof removal

Tell me first which type of roof shed? If felt roof than, Replacing split and worn roofing felt shed is an important task you need to do if you want your garden equipment, tools and other appliances to stay in good condition. You should not wait until the roof starts to leak into the shed to replace ...
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Do I need a permit to build a 12X12 shed in Dallas Ga?

Most counties in the state of Georgia do not require building permits for storage sheds , but the only way to be 100% sure is to check with your local office that handles building codes.

How to shingle a 8x8 shed roof

You ask a good question, Linda. You will need: a pickup truck, access to a landfill, a sturdy ladder, sneakers, a tough shovel (not a spade -- this one needs a flat end) a hammer you like (16 oz minimum) a box knife w/ a shingle blade (ask your hardware dealer for that blade -- there are twenty ...

Size and number of storage sheds allowed in trailer parks

Contact store-11 for the storage sheds. They are fully experienced in storage and self storage business, they will definitely help you.

Our shed is pretty much falling down so we ...

I think that the cheapest and easiest way to build a new shed is to use storage shed kits. They will be partially assembled and super easy to set up. I especially like the cedar storage sheds here.