how much does a 150'x5' roll of 17 gauge wire weigh?

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Answered: Is 9 gauge a strong steel for a fence?

Yes, 9 gauge is used for a lot of commercial jobs, as well as heavy duty residential jobs. If you are considering any coated steel products, you want to find out whether the 9 gauge is the overall after the coating, or if the steel itself is actually 9 gauge before the coating.

Answered: Who do you call if a tree knocks down your power wire?

As the property owner, you must remove the offending tree or the power utility will do so for you -- at your expense.

Answered: Help with gas gauge

One end is at usually at the center of the top of the fuel tank, where the gas gauge and fuel lines are mounted together, but I'm not positive sure for your vehicle. Sometimes they are along one side on top. This runs in a harness to the bus that connects to a harness through the firewall. From ...

Answered: Electronic Ballast Wiring Diagram for 8 foot 2 ...

Connect the yellow wires to the yellow wire, that's your common wire and connect 2 reds to the two blues and connect the other 2 reds to the reds. The diagram should be shown on your new ballast.
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In a roll of speaker wire which one is positive

Red is positive and black is negative. A good quality 2 conductor speaker wire should have the conductors color coded for this purpose. See this 16-2 speaker wire as a reference.

In a roll of speaker wire which one is positive

If you are using wire that is not marked as red or white, use the lettering that is marked on one of the sides. It does not matter whether positive or negative. Just keep it consistent between both ends. Hook the lettered wire to positive and plain wire to negative at both the amp and the ...