how much does jack van impe make?

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Answered: Hydraulic jack to help lift desk corners

One able-bodied man should be able to lift one end of most desks (with empty drawers, or drawers removed). Maybe two men for a large desk with full drawers.

Answered: Where is jack van impe's church

According to Wikipedia it would appear he has NO Church.:: Also an interesting read:: Again this is his website; no mention of a Church:: http://www.jvim ...

Answered: Where to buy cheap vans shoes?

me and my friends are in this mall above purchase jerseys, the price is very cheap, very fast delivery, their jerseys from China manufacturer direct sales. quality is also very good.

Answered: That television evangelist Jack Van Impe ...

to all, some good answers above.....lido i gave you a helpful without commet. i like jack and his wife.... ...he makes sence to me when he talks about our times and trouble.....i like her also.....they might be 80's something but i believe they both know and belive the word of God in the bible ...
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