how much does 1958 Td6 international Harvester dozer weigh?

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Ignore PG Root as he knows nothing. However, there are numerous experts here in the field of heavy equipment, who I am sure can answer your question credibly. Please download SNOOP software (it will cost you $250.00/annually) but will help you sort out credible answers from those who know nothing ...

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Answered: 1950 International Harvester Refrigetator

I'd like to say maybe 200, but it's not my area of expertise. There are, however, quite a few collectors who enjoy the retro appliances and such. I'm not at all sure when they stopped making the refrigerators with the exposed cooling units on top of the box, but one of those in good condition is ...

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See if this web site has the information you are looking for.

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Report the matter to your service provider; they may be able to sort it out.
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