how much do you think rebekah is responsible?

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Answered: Has there ever been a politician who could think ...

Another long lonely day and night of posting by the leftist Muslim Atheist poster. He believes he's fooling us with his aliases. Can anyone tell one apart from the other?

Answered: What does it mean when you think of something and it comes true??

It's called precognition. That alone absolutely disproves atheism. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::snicker:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Answered: What do you think about Israel's response to finding the bodies of the

The leftist Muslim Atheist poster has done the same thing that he does every day. Post all day and night. He has created a new alias. What an exciting life he has.

Answered: Leatherneck's backward thinking

It was obvious from the very outset that Obama was completely unfit for office. He was utterly inexpert and inexperienced when he wangled candidacy, he has blown so many national secrets that is is just not funny, and the only thing Obama has in his favor is mindless racism. Obviously, supporting ...

Answered: Regarding Responsive Classrooms....

I am a full-time consulting teacher for Responsive Classroom. The Responsive Classroom approach actually encourages teachers to give students positive feedback about their behavior and academic work through the use of what we call reinforcing language. We offer guidance for teachers about how to ...
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You would find that animals think much as we do if you allowed yourself to think rationally: they cope with their society and environment, they have likes and dislikes, they love, hate, and tolerate others in between, they have rules and social norms that they set among themselves, and they are ...

Town trustee responsibilities?

This will vary from state to state. In Illinois, the words town and township are synonymous. The corporate authority for a township is the electors. Each registered voter who resides in the township is an elector. Electors exercise their authority at a town meeting. The Annual Town Meeting is ...

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