how much do the "sharks" on SHARK TANK get paid?

how much do the "sharks" on SHARK TANK get paid?

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Answered: Is it cool?

Everyone on here has seen Rocmike's porn so we all know that he's gay.

Answered: What is the purpose of hammer head sharks

Same as us humans - to eat, to live, and to reproduce.

Answered: Sharks

Domain is probably a good name for a sharks home.

Answered: What is the website address for shark water?

The website for shark water is

Answered: M26 Tank Flaws

None that haven't been corrected in the Abrams. Russian tanks just don't stand a prayer.

Answered: Is it legal to sell shark fins in the US that are used in soup?

Yes it's illegal. But there are restaurant that sells shark fins.
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yes but if there tep. is high they will die

Are the teeth of immature sharks different from the teeth of mature

Not really. The rate of tooth growth slows as sharks mature though.

Mako Shark - the most dangerous?

Are they? Mako sharks are considered aggressive and will attack when provoked. I think that even sharks are dangerous, and mean. People come into the ocean thinking that they own it. Dont you think that if you enter the ocean, you are willing to do anything that will happen, an attack, a sting, a ...

Is Shark in the playoff this year?

The San Jose Sharks are in the playoffs, their first game against the Kings is tonight 4/17.