how much do patient transporter make?

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Not quite sure what the question here is...

Answered: Why doctors don't want to see patients with medicare and medicaid

Some physicians limit the number of medicaid patients they will treat in their practice and a few don't take medicaid at all. This would be limited to privately funded practices because any medical facility that uses state funding is required to treat medicaid patients. The reason for this is, the ...

Answered: Writing a book and need info. What is protocol of EMT when responding to

The true answer is it depends on the state. In RI if the patient is alert and oriented and able to swallow we give oral glucose. If they are not we can give glucagon IM. Paramedics can give dextrose in an IV. It varies fom stat to state and also varies with level of care.

Answered: Transportion

Sadly speaking that you have been scammed same as the number of people who have been trapped by the Max Carrier Division. That is the reason why they do not provide you further contact details about their business.

Answered: Transport

Hiring a car is favorably only when you intend to use it for a short time period. If the duration is longer, it becomes better to buy an affordable car for that time and sell it back (especially with some dealers who do buybacks) after the need is over. We had gone to Cyprus for a holiday and had ...

Answered: Rules of National Transportation Safety Board as it relates to cars hit

You can have a look at the official website of Transportation Security Administration at you will surely find all the list of train transportation rules and regulations easily.
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