how much do i owe medicaid?

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Answered: My mother paid me rent will that disqualify her for medicaid

NO!, she would have to pay someone rent to live. Now if YOU are receiving some kind of government assistance, then you would have to look into it for yourself.

Answered: Is a 401k considered an asset when applying for ...

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Answered: My mother-in-law had medicaid but now it is inactivate. How does she go

Have her call social security hotline. I THINK the number is 1-800-772-1213. They should be able to help her contact the right people.

Answered: I was recently terminated from job my wife works ...

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Answered: Can you be on medicaid and not lose your home

Depends on your state's laws. California--- yes, absolutely. Check this out: It is directed at California, but it might give you some good info.
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Can i buy or add better coverage on my medicaid

I am assuming from your question that you only carry Medicare and none of the add'l Medicare Plus insurance policies. If that is correct, you can buy add'l insurance to Medicare called Medicare Plus. It is offered by a host of insurance companies -- Humana, Aetna, et al -- and they offer insurance ...

My mother was placed on Medicaid in Oct of 2007 ...

Kat, You are not responsible for your mother's bills. You do not have to pay the pharmacy one dime. The pharmacy can file a claim with your mother's estate. If your mother left any money behind, creditors have 6 months to file a claim with the estate. If they don't file a claim, they don't get ...

How can i find proof that i am on medicaid share ...

contact Society Security...they will help you

Where to mail application for medicaid in new york