How much did the US pay China for the olympic wearing apparel?

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Answered: International olympics

Norway is correct. The population of Norway is now 5 million.

Answered: Are the Olympics a gay event? There's too much interest in figure skating

Figure skating is very pretty. The ladies in this event are dedicated and very passionate about their art, as are couples and single men. But: Leftists hate men so much that if men take part in even the smallest way, leftists condemn it horrendously. Therefore: Leftists have no sense of art or ...

Answered: Price value on china

about $1 per acre, with rice patties only 25 cents an acre without rice.

Answered: Olympics medal

Actual total for China 88 (38 gold), second to the US 104 (46 gold)

Answered: How many medals did UK win in olympics

third most medal with a total of 65, behind on the US and china

Answered: What date london olympics rings removed bridge

The Olympic rings removed a bridge? Huh? Does anyone here know how to speak English and ask a question that makes sense????????????????
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Olympic Dancer Paralyzed -- How can I send a message of support?

I truly do not know what to say,but i can say that i am in a wheelchair myself. All she can do is to try to heal and get her self confidence back. Who knows what up the road, with all this new hi tech medical stuff, she one day might be able to walk again. She has to stay strong and believe in ...

Grenade attack kills 16 in China

Looks like a a terrorist attacks from Muslim militants in Xinjiang, who have been fighting against China for decades. You can read a little more here . I guess it means security at the Olymppics just got to code red, if it wasn't already red before. May the policemen rest in peace.

Why do you wear a helmet in polo

Less risk of a serious head injury if you fall off your horse?