how much did pinball aquarium cost on tanked?

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Answered: M26 Tank Flaws

None that haven't been corrected in the Abrams. Russian tanks just don't stand a prayer.

Answered: What is a good size fish tank for a beginner? I want something that won

I agree with the answers that recommend a 20 to 30 gal. tank. The normal 10 gal. tank that the stores recommend for beginners are just too hard to maintain. One mistake in overfeeding can foul the entire tank, whereas in a slightly larger tank there is a little more forgiveness for learning mistakes ...

Answered: Upkeep and maintenance of an aquarium

It's pretty simple. There is really good aquarium water change instructions there.

Answered: Why does my betas water turn cloudy after one day? I use tap water and

Managing a smaller tank is always harder than a large one. I'm not sure but I think your water has no microbs in it that help break down that stuff you mentoined. If you have another aquarium, try using water out of that. Good luck to you.

Answered: What are some of the easiest aquarium plants to grow? I would love to

Building an aquarium with plants takes extra care and attention, but plants make your aquarium more attractive and can improve the ecosystem within the tank. Here are some good aquarium plants for your tank: Crypt Nevilli Ech Tennellus Pygmy Chain Sword Green Ludwigia Amazon Swords Indian ...

Answered: I have been thinking about setting up an aquarium ...

If your thinking about putting parakeets in there, I would say "No!" They need air to circulate or will get mites in between their wings. They will also see a reflection of themselves in the glass, which will cause them to try and fly towards it. If you must get a pet for a glass tank, get guinea ...
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The following fish are good choices for a beginner because they are inexpensive, hardy and attractive: Zebra Danio Dwarf Gourami Guppies These fish are not aggressive and they can live in a tank together.

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