How much did it cost for President Obama to take Michelle to NYC game?

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Answered: Does the MICHELLE OBAMA's vegetable garden at the White House stilll

It would not do that Obatso bunch any harm to get up at sunup, work their hands to callous till it is dark, and do it again the next day. Reason they won't do that is cause they are Muslim, and they won't grow any thing but opium poppies.

Answered: Is President Obama brain-dead or just stoned?

Consider that the Senate gave Obama the bum's rush on his latest attempt to escalate the war in Syria. The House did the same thing a few days later. Obama's drinking has gotten the better of him since 2009 and his drug abuse put him out of the "red button crew" three times -- because of his abuse ...

Answered: Michelle obama drunk mug shot

Michelle Obama pregnant… and it ain’t mine Baby Gate

Answered: How do you people exspect president obama to undo ...

There was no damage in America unless the corrupt racist Democrats caused it. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::snicker:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Answered: Obama bills

40days 2 hours to real change Answered: The 2010 Election Following the election of a devoted and dedicated Marxist to the office of president [ see how many days remain until Obama ...
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holy hell, listen to 'a brown' bashing 'tippy' cause she is all polite and stuff and being serious and not acting the way 'a brown' wants her to act. if i wasn't a non violent person i would consider rubbing all the polar bear butts in canada all over 'a browns' face. but that would just get big ...

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We have a Here are your prizes 1) 1000 dollars of food stamp to be use at the casino of your choice. 2) 150 more weeks of unemployment benefits. 3) 45% raise on you health insurance premium. 4) Loss of you home mortgage deduction from your Income tax 5) The right to get beheaded by ...

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Velma Hart, Obama’s Exhausted Defender Loses Her Job Poor Velma. She “got bit by the same snake” that has bit a lot of people – President Barack Hussein Obama. (St. Louis Today ) — The woman who told President Barack Obama that she was “exhausted” from defending him and his economic ...