how much did i win on a horse race? my horse came in first it paid 28.00 to win and i bet $10.00?

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Answered: Odds horse winning 7 in a row

Easy betting winning is only happened due to the experts tips and advice. Many online betting service provider give a detail analysis of the sports and provide the detail insights of the decision making during the final betting.

Answered: How much do i win on a 20 dollar bet with 5 to 2 odds

Damian, you would make a profit of $50 on your $20 wager.

Answered: How many horses that ran in the 1976 Belmont ...didn't run in Kentucky

Hi Susan, Of the ten horses that ran in the 1976 Belmont, eight had not run in either of the previous two legs of the Triple Crown. The Belmont winner, Bold Forbes, and the sixth place horse, Play The Red, both raced in the Kentucky Derby and Preakness.

Answered: If a horse wins a race and the odds were 3-1 and ...

I think I am correct in that if the odds were 3 to 1 and you bet $100, you would get the $300 pay-off plus the initial $100 bet paid back to you.

Answered: Any tips on how to select and bet on the right horse in a horse race?

Before placing a bet assess the previous matches, watch it again and again and find the data. Work on it to get the information and convert it into knowledge. Form the insights and decide which horse is perfect to bet. This is time-consuming process, but it will give you a good payoff for you. Many ...

Answered: Race horse jockey mistakes in turf paridise

Are you trying to find race results? you can check the results at TVG :
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What is more competitive? US horse racing or European horse racing?

I do not know much about European horse racing, but US horse racing has had a large number of champion horses and jockeys associated with the sport. Also, the triple crown races are as prestigious as any title in this sport across the world.

Greatest racing horse of the last decade?

Although I'm itching to say Zenyatta, I would say that Curlin is the best horse for the decade 2000-2010 based on his achievements. This two-time recipient of the Horse of the Year not only won the Preakness Stakes and Breeder's Cup Classic, but also proved his mettle on an International level by ...

Agua caliente horse racing records

I am not having much knowledge about horse racing. I just know car racing. Carlos Kauffman is my favorite car racer driver.

Ideal age of Horses in flat racing?

A racehorse achieves peak ability at age five, but the classic age of three years and the escalating size of purses, breeding fees, and sale prices have led unfortunately to fewer races held with horses beyond age four. read more: