how much collagen should i take?

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Answered: How do you at60 get your collagen back

I'm not sure. I'd suggest speaking to a dermatologist.

Answered: How long do the collagen injections for buttocks last? Is it safe and how

I was reading about what different women say about collagen injections. 50% say they are happy with the results and 50% are not. This site will give you peoples experience and so then you can make the decision for yourself if it is worth it.

Answered: What is the percentage of glucosamine in cartilage? What are the other

Not sure but you may be able to speak with your doctor to find out.

Answered: Collagen

I am pretty sure it needs to be injected to be affective.

Answered: Do you want to improve your skin's ability to increase collagen?

Herbal Medicine for Skin Wash your face with hot water. It dissolves oil more effectively than cool or lukewarm water. Hyssop, a member of the mint family, also makes an excellent herbal toner. A combination of lavender and neroli essential oil acts as a skin cleanser and toner. Pour some ...
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Is It the ProCollagen by Beauti Skin RX, and ...

I'm a retired makeup artist but have never heard of the product or company you mention. As Lynne on here said, it may be a hoax........If you have 'laugh lines, they are just a part of growing older, and the way you'll look when you get older? just look at both your parents and grandparents, or, of ...

Is using a collagen reviving cream helps in retaining elasticity and

you a wrinkle sufferer, try Kollagen Intensiv anti aging cream. It combats wrinkles, eliminates pigmentation, and shields skin from further damage. So buy it today itself and eliminate those pesky lines from face.

Is Medi-Collagenics safe to take?

Yaah Medi Collagenics helpful to strength and Muscles Tone Returns. Medi Collagenics help to blood sugar normalization. and a wrinkles fade.

Collagen Wrinkle Creme

Hi Saffie, This online store has some fantastic products on offer: Hope this helps :)