how much child support and alimony does marc anthony pay jennifer lopez?

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Answered: Child support final judgement in correct can it be challenged.

If you are looking for legal advice, pay a lawyer for it. Advice that you get from a non-lawyer is worth little or nothing. Maybe it depends on how quickly you challenge the ruling. Maybe it depends on state law; the 4th Circuit Court covers 5 states. How did it get to the circuit court, anyway ...

Answered: How can I get my ex to pay alimony child support and alimony without

Before you act on Tippy's suggestions, (Go ahead and get all the forms!) tell you ex what your intentions are. Because if you cause him to lose his job/get locked up, you sure won't get anything. If he is not compliant (the one chance, the whole one chance, and nothing but the one chance), carry on ...

Answered: Which Celebrities Would You Invite To Your Super Bowl Bash?

As my team is not playing no one i can think of don't watch it that often.

Answered: Child support

You should not " wait ", the DCSS will not change your case in a timely manner and they might not modify it at all. You need to go to court and change it asap. I have lots of experience and I was a non-custodial parent. I wrote a book to help people like you or someone in this situation. Read it and ...

Answered: Alimony and Child Support

This is a p.s. to my previous answer. Even if I won the lottery tomorrow and could give my daughter everything she wanted, I wouldn't. This would only spoil her (even more so than she already is, lol) and it doesn't teach her the value of anything. Children really do need limits!
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My child support stopped on my daughters 18th b ...

Another sob story, blah blah blah. Grow up! Tell your daughter to apply for student loans like everyone else. Tell your daughter to get a part-time job like everyone else. How about you take some action and help her with applications for grants and scholarships? Women like you make me sick!

Are YOU Sorry for Jennifer Lopez?

Sorry for what?!...If she never made another album ever....she is set for life!...Gimme a break!

Child support lawyers in cincinnati ohio: I pay ...

Go to child support enforcement and make an official request to modify and stop the order. By now the child should be collecting SSI off of your social security account.