how much can i overdraft from my reliacard?

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Answered: Overdraft fee

Yes, a bank can. This is why they hand you that novel when you sign up for a checking account... they dont actually expect you to read it, but its got all the rules in there. Your debit card will run through even if you are negative... if you have overdraft protection (when it takes the funds from ...

Answered: Need an overdraft to get some working capital. Do I need collaterals to

Yes you may need collaterals to seek an overdraft. Overdraft facility is another way to free your cash to utilize as working capital . You may want to check with DBS Bank as they have various options. Check their site for information.

Answered: I need an account in the bank which can give me good overdraft

You should completely go with Emirates NBD as this bank serves for instant cash requirements with its easy overdraft facility. The bank provides this facility with attractive interest rates, easy documentation and charges only for the time period for which the amount has been withdrawn.

Answered: Do I need to have an account with a bank in order to use overdraft

Yes, you should have a business account to use the bank overdraft facility… My dad has an account with DBS Bank, you can refer to the bank's website page for more details.

Answered: (auto generated)enrollment to

No I don't understant the whole issue

Answered: I am claiming back my last 6 years bank charges. I ...

You can claim your OD interest only if it is due to charges. For instant lets say your account didn't have an OD and your check bounced and caused one then you can reclaim it same thing with other charges.
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Will Chase reverse any of my overdrafts?‎

You could visit with a banker at Chase and see what options are available to you. They might agree to waive part of the OD fees (not all) if you have a credible reason.

Can a bank charge overdraft fees on the weekend?

Anonymous, Banks do whatever they want, when they want, if you don't have money in your account. Sorry, but that's the breaks. Anna Sparky's Mom

Double Dipped Overdraft

Yes it is legal. In simple words: You are penalized for each time you don't have enough money (when withdrawing) regardless what is the sum (even if it is 1 $....). The lesson you have to learn is: B4 withdrawing money make sure you have enough money in your account.

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Hi, Martin: I'm sorry to hear that. Please try calling the following number for assistance: 1-800-827-6364