how much black powder does a 45 caliber kentucky rifle take?

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Answered: Rifle Caliber

I bought one for my Barrett rifle from Eurooptic . check out

Answered: Black Friday Handbags

Rocmike is now posting under his alias harley s. Another name that goes to his facebook profile page.-----------------Rocmike claims he's dead but judging by the sad lonely pathetic life he has he only wishes he was dead. How can anyone do nothing but post every hour of every day? Yesterday i put ...

Answered: Reloading data for a 38-55 black powder ctg.

I have a Winchester model 1894 made in 1920 and I use a Lyman Cast bullet # 375248 249 grain #2 alloy sized to .379" with 50 grains of goex ffg black powder this load is mild enough for the old Winchester. It will give you about 1300 feet per second its accurate and powerful enough for deer or black ...

Answered: Dia of a 36 cal black powder bullet

The correct ball diameter for caliber .36 black powder revolver is .375" I own a 1851 navy replica and thats what they take also thats what dia the original colts used. Its not. . 36 inches That would fall out of the cylinder. Just like the .38 Poliece special shoots a .357 diameter same bullrt ...

Answered: Which is the strongest .45-70 lever rifles?

It's probably a toss-up between a Savage model 99 and a Marlin 336. Either one is a strong, reliable rifle with an established record of great performance.

Answered: Howa rifles: I bought one at a yard sale. It ...

The sling might need adjusting to your arm length. Next time you sling the rifle, see if you are nudging the bolt open with your upper arm or elbow. This could also happen while you are carrying it slung. The easiest cure for that is to lengthen the sling until the bolt handle is just below your ...
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