how much are the Walt Disney Collector Series Glasses from Burger King worth?

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Answered: Find All Disney Signature Fountain Pen collectors reference books

I have seen one...myself...I must be the expert! how great is this site to let me be my own questions expert!

Answered: We really want to go to Disney World within the ...

Let be start by saying this is very difficult to answer not knowing how many people (or what ages) you are planning for. Also, how many days you plan to stay at Disney World (which speaking from experience, anything under 4 days for a first visit will feel rushed). With that in mind, I will ASSUME ...

Answered: I really would like to take my daughters to Disney ...

Best time to visit is between February and May. This is the non-peak time. If you want a discount you might try using the Disney credit card you can earn discounts for tickets

Answered: Walt Disney VHS how do I find its value?

Try searching on If you find the videos on there selling for something small, it's not likely they're a collector's item.

Answered: Where can I find the 1976 Burger King outfits? They are orange and

Sorry, can't help you find one but I clearly remember wearing one just like that back in the high school days. What are you gonna do with it when you find it?

Answered: Walt disney vhs movies

You can try selling them on
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I got my info from ebay. I put in "St. Claire perfume" as my search words. then the list comes up. then you can click on completed auctions (to the left) and find the items that actually sold. Here is another idea. Ebay has a nice forum where you can show photos of your perfume bottles and ask ...

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Belle in Beauty and the Beast carried one for a scene. In the Sound of Music, Maria (aka the Reverend Mother) also carries an umbrella for a few scenes.

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As far as I know, it was never practiced. It was considered too dangerous, and not really something people went to Disneyland for in the first place anyway.