how much are hoa estoppel fees?

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Answered: High HOA fees $435 per month

Sounds like you HOA fees cover quite a bit. One thing people forget is that your association needs to be putting enough money away to fund their reserves. Its really important, otherwise when for instance, you need a new roof, you could get hit with a huge assessment. Also from a resale point ...

Answered: Colorado restocking fee laws

ALL businesses have the right to charge fees for this sort of thing. It is only reasonable.

Answered: Can a retailer charge the customer the credit card fees?

They can require a minimum for a purchase for regular credit cards, but they CANNOT require a minimum for a debit card/check cashing card. The only institutions that can charge a fee are Utilities, Education and Government. Don't put up with this. If they try to charge you a fee to purchase with ...

Answered: Can a HOA be dissolved?

YES a HOA can be dissolved .... if the proper procedure is followed and the needed votes and approvals are obtained. I Home Owners Association is like any other corporation (albeit a non profit corporation) and can be dissolved. HOWEVER, that means if you do so properly ... and the first issue is ...

Answered: Overdraft bank fees

You should know it is your responsibility to know how much is in your account, no matter how long a transaction takes to post. If you have trouble with this I suggest you use a checking account register so you never spend more than you deposit. Its simple addition and subtraction; if you deposit 500 ...
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Corrupt HOA ,Florida,Self appointed pres.,pay's ...

It gets complicated and depends on the Condo documents and other facts. But he might be violation the rights of the owners and he can be sued for that. You need to find a lawyer who specializes in condo disputes; it is a specialized area with a lot of rules by a state agency that regulates some of ...

What are the hoa fees at the villages florida?

Well sir depends on the age of the hoe. Lady Darko


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