how much are checkers hot wings?

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Answered: Hot Tub measurements

Thomas, are you unable to use a tape measure for some reason?

Answered: Chicken Wings: How Do You Like them?

love them, any way they are cooked.

Answered: Game Of Checkers

I think you and your opponent should set the rules of how you want to play. I have heard of both ways of play. I have to admit that we use to refer to it as "I blow your man for not taking your jump." and then remove the their man from the board. However, all of the professional checker player ...

Answered: Where or what was Checker town, in Stilwell Oklahoma

I found a somewhat rambling, gossippy blog about Stilwell in the 40s & 50s. From what I could decipher... Checkertown was the nickname for a Chevrolet dealership on S. 2nd Street, near the present location of Ted's Lumber. It was called that because the original building had a checkboard-like ...

Answered: Where can I buy Heinz Hot & Spicy flavored Tomato Ketchup?

Just a thought, but have you tried the grocery store? Maybe Wal-Mart?
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