how much are cerwin vega LS-12 speakers?

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Answered: Cerwin vega 211r speaker needed:

Richard, I just seen your reply. Do you still have the 211R's. My email address is Thanks, Glenn

Answered: I need two cerwin vega 12 subwoofers for m 80 cerwin vega not car

i have a pair and i will sell them for the right price. 702-375-9149

Answered: Speakers can be a large undertaking to make sure ...

I tend to prefer my speakers on the largish size, but that's only a personal preference. Most people would likely use my rear speakers for their front speakers in a surround sound set up. Size doesn't really matter so much, however. What counts is quality. Those same rear speakers also happen to be ...

Answered: Where to find shredding locations in las vegas nv week of april 11

What is a shredding location? Like a place you can go and shred documents?

Answered: Can bose computer speakers be connected to a tv?

You can probably find the adapters that you need at radio shack for your stereo speakers. I would guess it would be a 1/8th inch to RCA jack. selby
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How to bridge my surround sound to my pc speakers

you may have accidentally misused the term 'bridged'. You don't want to bridge them, that's for sure. You will need surround speaker outputs from your soundcard or motherboard audio outs. These are usually 1/8" jacks. They are two in one meaning you will need to use a stereo jack to get the positive ...

No speakers

use a 1/8 jack cable from the stereo ouputs. Then an adapter to what ever component you want to run into. Just know the computer sound card cannot drive the loudspeakers themselves.

Are Las Vegas condos a good investment?

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What size subs do i put in a isuzi rodeo 10'' or 12''

Whatever you can get to fit. Also totally depends on the quality of sub you are speaking of. Some 10 in subs are vastly superior to 12 in and vice versa.