how much are beer bottle caps worth?

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Answered: What is the beer that made milwaukee famous?

Schlitz made Milwaukee famous.

Answered: Where can I get Bintang Beer in the USA?

You can find Heineken beer at total wine, Ralph's, possibly target, and big lots.

Answered: Beer bread mix in a bottle

Bierbrot is an old German baking genre, using malt flour, hefeweizen, molasses, and butter. One example is Pumpernickel. Recipes vary, but the procedure does not. Here is one recipe of several dozen that come to mind. They are all delightful. Munchenerbierbrot. 1 liter fresh hefeweizen of your ...

Answered: Do they drink beer guys on duck dynasty drink

Judging by the complete incoherence of your question it is obvious that you drink quite heavily.

Answered: Bottle caps?

Some of the recyclers i've been to make you remove them and some of them dont. I dont believe its a hard and fast rule, but is incorporated by them to make sure the bottles aren't holding any liquid. After i remove the caps, they let me throw them in with the bottles. I was told however that you ...
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Cobalt Blue Bottle (Mifflene)

thank ya much Balrog. It's in pretty good shape to.

How much is this worth

Hi Josh! I recommend contacting the Antique Roadshow to see if you can find out its worth. Good luck!

Why is beer never in plastic bottles?

The disadvantages of use plastic beer bottles far outweigh the benefits in most cases. the most major problem with using plastic beer containers is that plastic is not as solid of a material as glass. Over the passage of time, carbon dioxide will actually pass through the plastic material of your ...