How might societal factors influence a suspect's crimes?

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Answered: "some factors that contribute to Japan?s low crime rate".

In Japan their diet is much more well balanced in terms of yin and yang. They hadn't even heard of extremely yang red meat before WW2 when the US troops went there. That humans would actually drink a cows milk was just unbelievable to them. Neither of those types of food have they really accepted ...

Answered: Factoring Leads?

Here is link from were you got more appropriate answer for your question. If you are looking to improve your cash flow, Advance Business Capital has a freight factoring program that you can love . Link: Freight Factoring Company Alen

Answered: What are the Factors That Influence The Smile?

It's a matter of how lazy you are -- it requires forty-four (44) facial muscles to frown, but only FOUR (4) muscles to SMILE!! I am personally lazy as sin, so why do any more work than I have to do?!? -- Rick Nossaman, Chestertown, MD

Answered: Did you like usual suspects

It was ok. I didn't think it was as good as the big movie reviewers made it out to be though.

Answered: A Shocking Case

10-year-old boy shot, killed his father.

Answered: Gerrymandering Influence

Rocmike, your aliases don't count. They're not real posters no matter what the voices that you hear in your head make you believe.
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