how many ww2 vets are left?

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Answered: Charles E Hinkle us Navy 1944. I am his Brother ...

I don't know why they sent me your question . -I wish you luck in your search, but I can unfortunately offer no help

Answered: Does any one have information about the replacement depot in empoli italy

Have you used google to find it? Try also the Army records in D.C.

Answered: WW2

Thank you. I will quit trying then. I thought it was that I was doing it wrong. I've never had problems before with copy and paste. Have a great Day!

Answered: World war 2 photos to donate?

You can go to look at the!

Answered: Ww2 badges

I might be interested in purchasing them depending on price and/or authentication and condition. Please send pictures and price. You can send them to

Answered: Ww2 painter

I was hoping that Ally could give some more information on the painter she found named H. Lackner. You said he was alive 4 years ago. I was just wondering where and what his first name was. please write me at Important to family and make the connection.
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Ww2 army shoulder patches

I just typed in WW2 unit shoulder patches on Yahoo, Google, and a funny-sounding search engine called (which also lists other relevant links), and all 3 had anywhere from 335 to 135,ooo images (click that first to see pictures before clicking the Search button or all you'll get ...


Im in wisconsin, but hey, i just thought maybe if you called the san diego zoo, they'd have the best answer for you

In WW2, did we send any aircraft carriers to Europe or Africa for

yes we did send aircraft carriers to the atlantic and europe during world war II, but we didn't send any of our large main line carriers [essex class, yorktown class]. what we sent were smaller carriers called pocket carriers [casablanca class, bogue class] these were the escort carriers in the ...

How much of europe did germany occupy in ww 2?

The Third Reich managed to conquer a third of Europe, but their empire of terror and genocide only lasted about 6-1/2 years, from 1938--1945. A third of the German people died, either in concentration camps, their forced euthanasia programs, as combatants in WWII, or as civilian casualties. If ...