how many WW2 Japanese soldiers still alive?

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Answered: Does any one have information about the replacement depot in empoli italy

Have you used google to find it? Try also the Army records in D.C.

Answered: WW2

Thank you. I will quit trying then. I thought it was that I was doing it wrong. I've never had problems before with copy and paste. Have a great Day!

Answered: World war 2 photos to donate?

You can go to look at the!

Answered: Ww2 badges

I might be interested in purchasing them depending on price and/or authentication and condition. Please send pictures and price. You can send them to

Answered: Ww2 painter

I was hoping that Ally could give some more information on the painter she found named H. Lackner. You said he was alive 4 years ago. I was just wondering where and what his first name was. please write me at Important to family and make the connection.

Answered: Who was the American soldiers' favorite CARTOONIST?

Bill Mauldin is your answer. He drew the popular Willie and Joe comic strip during WWII.
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Interesting question... Some general numbers : in WW2 efficient medical care reduced overall losses to only 4 in each 100 wounded (WW1 8 out of 100) . Better surgery, penicillin, plasma and whole blood are responsible in varying degrees, however the credit must be shared by the entire personnel of ...

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I just typed in WW2 unit shoulder patches on Yahoo, Google, and a funny-sounding search engine called (which also lists other relevant links), and all 3 had anywhere from 335 to 135,ooo images (click that first to see pictures before clicking the Search button or all you'll get ...

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Charles E Hinkle us Navy 1944. I am his Brother ...

I don't know why they sent me your question . -I wish you luck in your search, but I can unfortunately offer no help