how many women on an aircraft carrier per year get pregnant?

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Answered: Aircraft Charter Service in India..? I am looking for best aircraft

ForseeAviation I saw their website offering lots of aircraft services, Looking forward to travel with them soon. Thanks Rahul!!

Answered: Aircraft carrier damaged some time after pearl harber

i think your're asking about the uss langley it was attacked and damaged by japanese planes on feb. 27, 1942 then it was sunk by it's own escort ships the same day. it also was the u.s. navy's first aircraft carrier, commissioned march 20, 1922. the reason i give you the uss langley is because it ...

Answered: How many doctors are assigned to a u s aircraft carrier?

I found 30 to 40 medical personnel. There might be only 4 or 5 doctors and a psychologist, plus anesthesiologists or nurse anesthetists, nurses, operating room techs, physical therapist, and corpsmen.

Answered: Old aircraft carrier movies black and white film

Sorry, I have seen every war movie ever made many times and don't remember that part.

Answered: On the McD Harrier aircraft: What is the purpose of the zig-zag strip in

It's called the canopy partition. It's first use is to reduce the stress on the canopy during high-G maneuvers, the second function is to reduce oscillation that once cracked bubbe canopies, and its third function is to break during ejection if the canopy fails to separate. The AV-8 B, C, and D ...

Answered: Firing Pregnant Women

AimeeRed: you failed to provide an answer. If you are asking another question you should post it as such.
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yes we did send aircraft carriers to the atlantic and europe during world war II, but we didn't send any of our large main line carriers [essex class, yorktown class]. what we sent were smaller carriers called pocket carriers [casablanca class, bogue class] these were the escort carriers in the ...

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Each insurance carrier's rules are different - & I'm sure they must abide by the State's rules on this issue. If you sign a 'release' - you're screwed!