how many weeks of unemployment do you collect in nj?

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Answered: If i am fired from a job in indiana for refusing a drug screen with

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Answered: Live in NJ. no contract ,Can I collect Unemployment..

If they fire you for just cause then they will fight your application for unemployment and most likely win. If you quit for just cause - sexual harassment, etc - then you have a chance provided you have documentation to back you up. As I'm sure you know, most employers don't give reasons why you ...

Answered: In NJ, If I am collecting a pension from a previous job and get laid off

I'm 64 can i collect unemployment for one year before i get old age? email

Answered: What day of the week is it ?

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Answered: If a person is collecting unemployment benefits ...

Check with your state's department of labor, might be eligible for temporary disability benefits instead. Of course I'm sure this would require filling out official forms from a doctor, etc.
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Collecting unemployment and working part time

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