how many versons of 4412 holley are there?

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Answered: What verson of aol email is needed for Windows internet explorer 10?

AOL Desktop 9.7 works with IE 10, and so does AOL Desktop 9.6. And you can also use Internet Explorer 10 with the web mail at

Answered: Looking for Song "Down In The Valley" by Erland Van Lidth or Dorian i am looking for the complete edition too

Answered: How to adjust a holley electric choke?

This can be found in your on-board computer, problem is.. You'd be better off having a reputable service tech adjust this for you as they possess the equipment to do this.

Answered: How to unlock iphone4 verson5?

.Get the Unlock code also from the Online site ...

Answered: What makes a holley carbuerator loose prime?

Faulty fuel pump or leak in fuel line

Answered: Why is Buddy Holly's name on his grave stone spelled Buddy Holley? but

Because his managers and record company thought Holley would go over better spelled Holly. So they changed it.
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Will I have any problem replacing a Holley ...

Since you didn't tell us which Holley you plan to install, it is impossible to answer your question. Go back and edit your question with as much info as possible. Although I have messed with Corvettes all my life maybe the best place to ask this question is with Holley service techs. They are very ...

Don't like new verson -alternatives? even paid?

Unfortunately you can't go back to the previous version - but visit if you have any specific ideas how to improve the experience.

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Can you please check your Recovered Mail folder?

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Yes, this person has meaning, as do we all. Merry Christmas!