How many US Presidents have there been or how many inaugurations?

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Answered: President Obama's Inauguration Speech

With exactly two weeks before the elections I can tell you who I am not going to vote for. This time around, I am having a real problem making up my mind as to which party to vote for. (You vote for the party and the head of the party then becomes the next prime minister.) What has happens for the ...

Answered: Presidential inauguration tickets 2009

Try this site:

Answered: Is President Obama brain-dead or just stoned?

How many leftist Muslim Atheist poster's stalkers can you get on one question? Only one, that one hijacks the whole thread and crowds anyone else off.

Answered: What is so important about our Presidential Inauguration? What are the

It is the formal swearing in of the president and vice president of the USA.
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Obama's Inaugural Address

"THIS WAS IN MY MAIL TODAY" "Thank you for Your Time" Good Morning Friends, As I watched the President spinning his lies across China a thought occurred to me. Remember when you were a kid and you went to the amusement park. They always had the game Whack-A-Mole. My oldest son ...

Who is considered to be the Weakest President in U.S. History?

The worst thing that ever happened to us was the democrat party, that still absolutely stinks of racism and hypocrisy. If it is a hypocrite, it is a democrat. Count on it.

What does Barack Obama inauguration as the 44th president means to you

same old same old. like all his predecessors he gives with one hand and takes with the other.