how many transformers 80's cartoons are there?

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Answered: 80's nickelodeon cartoon character "charlie"

OMG! LOL i just typed in that question to google. I remember the show, the narrator said "This is Charlie" and he laid in a tree. Please post here if you ever figure this out. LOL

Answered: Does anyone remember the cartoon series from school from the mid 80's

Metric Man goes back to at least the mid 1970's, that's when I watched the cartoons. I still remember when he asked his girlfriend (Poly Nomial???) "Will you measure me?"

Answered: What sort of eye makeup typifies the 80's?

Article Score: 30 Before the article proper begins, I must address this subject: There have been several retro crush articles in recent months. Complaints have been amassing about them and while I can't speak for others, I must say this about myself: One of the aspects of my Aspergers ...

Answered: Which transformers are best for IE core?Wat does it do?

EI core is mainly used in electronic transformers, inductors , the ballast main role is to change the magnetic flux .

Answered: Is there anywhere i can go for a tutorial, video or otherwise, on how to

Hi LovelyBones, Try this video below and also the link below it which has some indepth information on how to effectively apply 80s style make up: Hope this ...

Answered: 80's Movies

Real Genius, Top Secret!, Airplane! Legend, The Gate
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