how many times has obama changed the ACA since it passed the supreme court?

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Answered: Supreme Court Nomination

Surprisingly, Heller was a 5-4 decision, with some justices arguing that the Second Amendment does not apply to private citizens or that if it does, even a total gun ban could be upheld if a "legitimate governmental interest" could be found. The dissenting justices also found D.C.'s absolute ban ...

Answered: Obama's Birth Certificate ordered to be produced to the Supreme Court by

DEMAND THAT CONGRESS PASS THE BILL REQUIRING CANDIDATES FOR PRESIDENT TO SHOW THEIR BIRTH CERTIFICATE! Do you believe that candidates for President of the United States should obey the Constitution, and prove that they're eligible to run for the highest office in the land? So do I. BUT ...

Answered: Obama's Court Nominee

You are my hero cowboy had did you get so smart

Answered: Do you believe Obama never talked to Sotomayor about her abortion

Well, since NONE of us were present at the meeting, then NONE of us can actually say what they talked about. When any of us interview for a job...the employer want to get a feel of how you would fit in and if you are qualified. I'll bet that's what it was all an interview. Now, I am ...

Answered: Supreme Court

Kiss obama's a*s

Answered: Supreme court question

Dems to GOP Nominee: Will the Defendant Please Rise? Every time a Democrat senator has talked during the Senate hearings on Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor this week, I felt lousy about my country. Not for the usual reasons when a Democrat talks, but because Democrats revel in telling us what ...
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The case against Obama's citizenship

Has Obama's Luck Run Out? by Patrick J. Buchanan 07/24/2009 "The sound alone was worth the $24 billion!" So said fellow Nixon speechwriter Ray Price as the mighty Saturn V rocket lifted Apollo 11 and Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins off the launch pad, three miles away, on the start of ...

No where is empathy in our constitution.i dont ...

This is like a HollyWood movie - Make-believe. How silly are they going to get ??? What gets me is they expect us to believe this 'B' movie as the truth.

What is the logic of the Supreme Court's decision?

In my opinion, the logic in that decision is that makers of generic drugs will not be held responsible for the warnings they put on their drugs. This opens the door for them to conveniently leave off warnings that should be included. The decision is clearly to protect the drug makers.

Supreme Court Justices

Actually, conserve may mean save or it may mean preserve - as in keep the same - for some people, no matter what. Synonyms are also jam - as in to jam up any progress. Or go easy on - as in go easy on the rich and forget everyone else. Liberal means open-minded, moderate, tolerant, generous ...