How many times did moses fast 40 days and nights?

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Answered: Like or dislike Daylight Saving Time?

I like the daylight times,one beautiful noon.

Answered: End of Daylight Saving Time

Let's stay at daylight savings time and for get to set back the clocks.

Answered: What country where day and night time light remains the same?

Any country close to the equator will have days and nights close to 12 hours. Quito, Ecuador, has 12 hours 8 minutes of daylight today.

Answered: Who was the pharaoh's daughter at the time of moses

Pharaoh's daughter According to Talmudic tradition, she is the Bithiah mentioned in 1 Chronicles 4:18 (Targum ad loc. ; Sanhedrin 19b; Pirkey Rabbi Eliezer 48). Other sources, however, appear to indicate that Bithiah was Solomon's wife (BeMidbar Rabbah 10:4). Today, this name is usually pronounced ...
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