How many times a year does Victoria's Secret hold sales?

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Answered: Victoria's Secret or Christianity?

Sugar, if you have the figure for it, wear it. If I were fifty years younger and had that sort of looks, I surely would. So, I'm now a tough old broad and take no lip from prudish atheists. Now, if you have a figure that makes a cow look petite, dress like Madalyn O'Hair. Talk about dull of mind ...

Answered: Victoria's Secret meets 'Transformers 3'!

Without Transformers, Megan Fox will never become a famous star. This was her major movie that makes her become the talked of the town. I don't know for the reason why she was replaced by e newbie. i guess there's an evolving attitude issue that can cause her away.

Answered: Did anyone see the Victoria Secret's Lingerie Show? Heidi Klum still

She'l be making a guest appearance at this store shortly. Lingerie Australia Australian Lingerie Lingerie Online Buy Lingerie Online ...

Answered: Do you know who is somebody named victoria ...

victoria secret is really a man that is why its "victorias secret"

Answered: Should Miranda Kerr Stick With Victoria's Secret?

I actually have to agree with Mrs.Kisses on this one. More power to her that she can walk the runway at 5 months pregnant, but I think as it comes closer to her due date, she should settle down and focus on the more important tasks, like learning to be a mom.

Answered: Adriana Lima on Victoria's Secret

I would which she considers me to take into a fly high..
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