How many times a week is sexual intercourse normal for a 66 yr. old man?

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Answered: My mom at 80yr

Be grateful that she is still living. Do something nice for her.

Answered: So if a man fiddles with a women's(infected with HIV) clitoris without a

Fiddle!?! We're not talking music here! You're messing (or just entertaining, what if) with a person that is infected with the HIV virus? When you fell off the turnip truck were your injuries fatal? STD are nothing to take lightly.,and they're nothing to "fiddle with." Romeo, you are to be ...

Answered: What is the best porno on demand that has anal sex ...

Well it’s hard to say that that category porn movies are always on demand. Because there different choices of different ordinances. But hard fuck or hard anal is most popular in ordinances you may check it in many anal video sites as

Answered: I have a 6yr old child she broke her shoulder she is in pain,is there any

Hopefully you are saying that she is still in pain after you took her to the hospital for treatment. The attending physician should have given her pain medication. I do know that sometimes they do not correct a broken clavicle with surgery on a child of certain age. Thinking as the child grows ...

Answered: I was on a dating site for a short time and ...

You couldn't be more careful. Better use a good dating site such as

Answered: What could be wrong with 11 yr old when teacher tells him no he gets mad

Children can be rebellious, particularly when teachers or other authority figures tell them "no" for good cause. It can be helpful to show the child why that rule is necessary, and appeal to his integrity about upholding it. If the rule is arbitrary, contrary to proven experience, or worse yet ...
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Saving info online about sexual activities?

Yes that is really helpful to be a good partner as having knowledge is always great in any field and online is a good resource ... Extreme Porn DVD

How long can i resume sexual intercourse after ...

Nobody here is qualfied to make a diagnosis. You need to discuss this with your doctor.

Probable reason for abnormal sexual relationship in normal marriage

Really sounds like a medical problem. Talk to your doctor and have him checked out. Lack of blood flow to the Penis is the problem. Some meds cause that. Drugs, booze, and even stress are culprits. There are drugs that can help with that as well. See your doctor. Good luck, you are to young ...

I have no sexual pleasure through penetration or masturbation AT ALL?

holly what is your exact age. i think you are suffering with sexual disorder and most probably it it is due to psychological reasons. u need to visit any clinical psychologist to findout the causes/reasons of your disorder.