how many tablespoons of dried herb equal an ounce?

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Answered: What is the noun form of equal

The singular is "equal". A Navy commander is the equal of a lieutenant colonel.

Answered: Is 1 ounce liquid the same as 1 ounce dry?

No. 1 ounce liquid is a volume measure. 1 ounce dry is a measure of weight. Your beaker is only for liquids. I hope this answers your question.

Answered: synthetic motor oil dry out v.cover gaskets

In the early days of synthetic oils there was a problem of seals shrinking but the formulation was adjusted to give the same swelling as non-synthetic oils. I doubt the problem still exists.

Answered: What to do for itchy dry crusty bumps looks like cauliflour inside dog

Hi the dog has a ear infection. I recommend you take it to the vet but if you cant afford that go to the pet store get some ear wash for dogs do not use soap and water it will make it worse then get ear meds for ear infection if you cant get it in the pet store go online to PET MEDS and you can find ...

Answered: Can I just dry the leaves off my own ginkgo biloba tree?

This tree s very beautiful,but I have no idea that how to dry leaves.

Answered: If I am to grow herbs inside how big of a ...

Visit this site; to get some ideas and read my article on Container Gardening. You'll get some valuable information the right size of container to be used per plant type.
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Herb gardens?

Medicinal gardens are very pretty if you do them right. All of these plants take different soil conditions and different amounts of sun. Mints and relatives like wet, high nitrogen soil and will grow best if you mix in well cured manure and plant cuttings in early spring, ideally on a new moon ...

I have been wanting to have an herb garden but ...

I am in Florida and we grow herbs here year round. Thyme, sage and basil like full sun. Rosemary, parsley and mint like part shade.

12 ounces is equal to how many tablespoons

12 oz is equivalent to 24 tablespoons, second the motion, are you a chep?

Are fresh herbs better to cook with than dried herbs?

Humans have been drying herbs and spices for a couple of thousand years, and they were so considered so valuable they were used as currency (a la the Spice Road in China et al). Rule of thumb: Most lose their potency after six months so you MUST throw them out after that. NEVER buy ground black or ...