how many tablespoons in 1 oz of feta cheese?

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Answered: Is feta cheese better for you than normal cheese

thank u everyone very helpful info

Answered: Hi can this white cheese cud make me fat? tnx

Dear vhea, Read the ingredients and nutrition fact chart for the best answer. Not all cheeses are created equal... ~ nmpb

Answered: Calculate Calories in a Food?

Milk - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Goat milk can be used for other applications such as cheese and other dairy products .... Fat-free skimmed milk has only the casein micelles to scatter light, ... The exposed fat globules are vulnerable to certain enzymes present in milk, .... Lactose ...

Answered: Howard's Creek is running an online special right now...on cheese 4 packs

Kathy is running an online spam right now...check it out. No links. Just spam.

Answered: Can you substitute feta cheese for goat's cheese?

Real Feta Cheese is made of goat's milk, although you can find cow's milk feta in some stores as well. The biggest difference is fat content...goat's milk has a much lower percentage, which is good for low fat diets and perfect for lactose intolerant consumers. Either can be used for cooking, both ...
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Hmmm I am not sure exactly, but there is a gourmet cheese shop that could help you with that.

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Here are two web sites that have what you are looking for.

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Dear NJoy, Ahhh yes, I didn't think of having it near a winery. Love that idea! Thank you, ~ nmpb

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Put the cheese inside a zip lock freezer bag and it should be fine.