how many stamps equal a butterfly stamp?

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Answered: Sell stamp collection.

Try e-bay and put a reserve price on it so you don't have to sell it if you don't get your price.

Answered: ASKING ALL STAMP COLLECTORS; I have a John Paul ...

I am not familiar with stamp collecting, but the A & B suggests to me that there were two versions of the stamp printed or, perhaps, two values.

Answered: What does the KGC stamp on a 14k gold ring with yellow diamond

KGC could be Knights of the Golden Circle. Or Kentucky Grilled Chicken.

Answered: 1937 King George Coronation stamps I have a complete set (202 stamps

The 105 stamps in the 'common design' series go for less than $50 in Mint condition, actually more for lightly cancelled! - the 'individual', sometimes uniquely designed issues from the remaining colonies (which make up the other 100 or so) are rather more pricey - I would estimate at least $200 or ...

Answered: Who is bruckner on postage stamp

Anton Bruckner is an Austrian organist and composer of romantic music.

Answered: I have some Austrian stamps with KUK Feldpost at ...

Your stamps are probably from WWI, when Austria fought Italy. I don´t have any catalogs handy, so I can´t check now whether you´ll find them on the last pages of Austria in e.g. Michel´s catalog, or under "Italy, Austrian occupation". These military field post stamps are quite common since large ...
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Can someone tell me what a 1992 canadian duck stamp fdc in a vinal cover

Ok, looked around a bit, and all I found were some mint never hinged 92 Canadian ducks for $11.02 each (shipping included). Don't know if this will help.

Value of three 1960 Oympics Stamps

The value is less than $1.00 for all three - sorry they're so non-valuable!

*I have two questions, First, I have a stamp that ...

Hello Angela! Hope you´re still there, I didn´t learn of your question until now! Here are the answers: your first stamp is indeed Russian, obviously blue/red - the original denomination was 14 kopeek, and it was used as a 14 cent (chinese cents) stamp at Russian post offices in China in 1917. Your ...