How many square foot can a 2.5 ton air conditioning unit do?

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Answered: What happen when a loud noise come from your outside aircondition unit we

Refrigeration thermostats contact refrigerant therefore they can be changed ONLY by licensed HVAC professionals. PGR may finally be correct about something (definitely a first) so get out the yellow pages, look for HVAC, and dial the number.

Answered: Can anyone tell me which is the good website for importing commercial air

You may go to It is a professional air conditioning provider and supplies.

Answered: Used refrigeration equipment shipping with charge.

All units today come precharged with freon on so I don't see why not , but I woul still check with the local hvac codes in your area

Answered: Why is my outdoor compressor frozen. The Ac unit ...

It will be better for you to make a visit to the expert's place. They will help you, i hope the following link can make a way for the same.

Answered: Are portable air conditioners more or less energy efficient than the

Depending upon their manufacturing Australian oil

Answered: Portable Air Conditioning Units?

provide efficient cooling for smaller areas, and some of today's more energy-efficient models can even handle larger spaces with ease. For more information, check famousacandheat.
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Divisional plenums are not new technology, but if you have a genuine development, contact a patent attorney. Be a little cagy with your development until you speak under client privilege.

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power bank may be a good choice, it is portable and easy to carry. Hope Vipstech can help you!

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Air conditioning covers a wide aspect of applications due to its focused on the simultaneous provision of control on mechanical constraints such as air motion, temperature and humidity. It gives users a lot of advantages such as human comfort and scientific and industrial operational ...

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Call for professional to know an exact information regarding your concern to air conditioner , they know more best hings for you and for your unit.