How many snow days does the state of michigan allow the public schools?

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Answered: Are Public School Systems throughout America intentionally putting

We are all aware that leftists are psychotics, whose lack of morals is the cause they were permanently rejected from all respectable company. It is sad to see a raving lunatic with the sort of sick obsession as the only leftrist in America. She goes by dfrogong, Physicalist, and 200 more names ...

Answered: Last day of class for Public schools ?

Try calling the school directly to find out.

Answered: Are Public Schools in Baltimore SAFE? fatuous1

Leftists and their dimbulb games. Never have they come close to winning. Tadpole posts with 300 names. And still she has her head spinning!

Answered: What are the TOP 5 Reasons why Public Schools are Failing? fatuous1

The top reason for students who are not learning is parents who do not make children do homework. In some cultures, excellence is school is "acting white" and is discouraged by peer pressure. In the same school, white students score 880, Asians score 900, Hispanics score 720 and blacks 740 ...

Answered: What school is better catholic school or public school

I think that would depend very much on the individual school, rather than the philosophy of the schools organisation.

Answered: Is this what typically happens when Public School Systems "COVER UP

WHEN PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEMS "COVERING UP" CRIME THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS! By failing to report serious Crimes to the appropriate Authorities Public School Systems delay treatment and deny legal and mental health services! We also endanger the lives of other students and facility members. Covering up ...
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What is the "MOST" dangerous Public School System in America?

It would be any that tolerate atheism and the genocidal rage all atheists preach. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::snicker::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Are Public School Teachers and Students under ATTACK? fatuous1

Trampo, the Marine Corps has what must be the finest technical training in the world, and we work with things that civilians dread to touch, because they would do everything wrong -- and they know it full well. The Navy shares schools with us and we share our schools with the Navy. Together we ...

Does your child's school have good guidance ...

That sounds like a great guidance counselor. I had one of them in high school, and that's the reason why I am where I am today.

Nys public schools commissioner - who would i ...

Unable to get any help from the board of education due to zoning laws. Spoke with advocates for children who informed me that I shouldn't have any problem transferring my child because he attends a P1 school and is in his second year. I have also read about no child left behind on line and called ...