how many slices of bread are in a giant loaf of sunbeam bread?

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Answered: What to do with the edge of a bread loaf?

I'm not a very creative cook, but I really like the ends!! I make toast out of them!!

Answered: Can you use pillsbury quick bread mixes in bread machines.

Have call Pillsbury they said don't have any manuals any more so am lost even general answeres would be great. Purfectfox@

Answered: In what state is sugar loaf

This is an interesting question, in a psychological/sociological sort of way. Someone says Sugarloaf and everybody thinks of something different. For me, it's in Brazil. For others it's somewhere else. Okay, it's a trivial thing, but I find it interesting. I had completely forgotten the band ...

Answered: How to preserve a slice of bread

Dear Mildred: I use plastic quart ziploc bags and freeze my slices. I place 2 slices in each qt. bag...sometimes a tight squeeze, but do-able...and then place them back into the original plastic bread bag--i.e. double sealing. When you need the slice(s), take out and let thaw for a few minutes in ...

Answered: Do you have to get special yeast for breadmakers ...

You can get bread yeast, but I just use Rapid Rise yeast I get at Smart & Final, they also have great big bags of bread flour cheap!! I put into 1 or 2 gallon ziplock bags and store in fridge or pantry, will keep several months.. I make yeast banana bread & pumpkin breads, they are lighter and less ...

Answered: BREAD: Rainbo Loaf Bread and Sunbeam Loaf Bread

Sara Lee also sells bread under the "Mothers" name. I was able to use my coupons at Jewel. A manager ok'd them to be used for the "Mothers" brand. Thank you to anyone who pondered the answer to my question.
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Where can I find King's Hawaiian original sweet sliced bread in Decatur

Never seen it sliced, but I've only gotten the buns, so I've never looked for it. But as Robert said, it's generally around the deli/bakery area. If it's not sliced, if you ask nice the bakery folks might slice it for you I. I get two loaves of Italian bread in the bakery when I shop, and they're ...

How long do I bake zuccinni bread in a 4 loaf pan

After the top starts to appear crusty and cracks, stick a piece of spaghetti into it. (The uncooked works much better.) If it comes out clean, the bread it done. I wouldn't go over 350F

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Gluten Free Bread

I usually buy my gluten free bread from Gluten Free Palace. They have a variety of breads to choose from and they’re really delicious. Take a look!