how many sleeping pills can you take to end your life?

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Answered: How many hours the effect of sleeping pills

It depends entirely on the sleeping tablets you're taking. A lot of sleeping tablets are very addictive and can also give you side effects such as depression. I'd perhaps look at some online sleeping pills reviewed to compare different products and see what's best for you.

Answered: How to stop the habit of sleeping pills

Sleeping pills are highly addictive - specifically those that don't contain all natural ingredients. What you probably want to do is look at a product such as NightCalm which has been reviewed on a number of sleeping tablet review websites.

Answered: Sleeping pills and the Liver

They said that sleeping pills have different effects on different person. But for me, the easiest way and most effective are sleep aids like alteril .

Answered: Sleeping pills

I won't suggest you to take sleep pills. You will get addicted to them very soon. Simply quit them. You will face difficulty in the starting but after some time you will get sleep without these pills. so quit them as soon as possible.

Answered: Do sleeping pills make you crave sweet things

Hi!!! I think there are many powerful sleeping tablets which are advisable to take only after seeking a doctor’s advice. You should consult a doctor before rushing to the nearby medical store to buy the pills. I read somewhere online that the two main sleeping pills that patients with sleeping ...

Answered: Can ambien cause sleep walking?

yes very much and also sleep eating pls dont ever use it
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Sleeping Pills

There is definitely a habit with prescription strength sleeping pills. What you probably want to do is look at an alternative product (if you're still suffering from sleep deprivation) such as all natural sleeping pills . These aren't addictive and can be just as effective.

Position for Sleep

What do you mean position of sleep you are referring to?

Is there such a thing as getting too much sleep?

I believe so. Getting too much sleep can actually make you feeling more tired. 8 hours is about average. Some people can function on 5 while some may need as much as 10. If you have the desire to sleep all the time you may be dealing with depression.

Natural remedies for a good night sleep

There are various types of tea that can help calm the body and aid sleep whilst using lavender scents on your pillow are known to help calm, relax and help getting to sleep. I'd steer clear of prescription sleeping pills as these can be addictive and have some nasty side effects so if you want to ...