how many shots were fired in the zimmerman case?

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Cause they are worth it folks, cause they are worth it:

Answered: Zimmerman case — president obama does not get it!

Martin was a gangster, in no small way: he had the tattoos that labeled him a gangster for life and he knew what he was doing when he put them in. Zimmerman adhered to the law, to established firing procedure, fired for effect, and was within the law as he did so. Even gangs have SOME rules of ...

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Michelle Obama pregnant… and it ain’t mine Baby Gate

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Well i don't think there is any car which can do this.. It is better to take precautions..
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No, you must be certified to give shots, as the average "lay-person" could do more harm than good.

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How do you think the leftist Muslim Atheist poster decides what aliases he will post under? Do you think the voices that he hears in his head tells him what to do?

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