how many rockets have nasa launched?

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Answered: North Korean rocket launch

N. Korea is showing the world how impotent obama and his cronies are.Obama is a "Eunuch".

Answered: Some questions following to the shuttle launch delay

I just have to say that I think it would be really interesting if NASA started to use newer materials that they have at their disposal... if they started using their intelligence to advance their technology, what our space program would look like. I agree that NASA really needs to get their act ...

Answered: How rocket launches miss space junk colission?

The orbits of space junk are mostly known, so it's not hard to calculate whether there will be close calls. There isn't much below 50 miles, because friction with the atmosphere would drag them down. In orbit they can use radar to detect approaching objects. The International Space Station ...

Answered: NASA's doom prediction

There is great sadness in Islam, and mounting desperation. They have seen their plans at forcing us to our knees fail: we did not knuckle under, we crushed their fighters instead -- and then ignored Islam. They have seen their children end their lives in suicide bombs contrary to Islamic "law ...

Answered: What are the dates of the last two shuttle launches?

Next-to-last shuttle launch set for May 16 The last Date: June 28 Space Shuttle Atlantis

Answered: Website Launch

Yes, this article can sure help to make your website launch successful.
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Solid rocket fuel? Those tanks are not filled with solid rocket fuel. --dc (Ex-NASA Spacecraft Photographer, at the Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral, Florida, during the 1960's race to the moon decade.)

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A crotch rocket is a small motorcycle that is fast, especially the kind where the head and body are leaning forward and almost horizontal.

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Jeez, could you just please shut the fuck up.

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