how many rights have americans lost under Obama?

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Answered: Is President Obama brain-dead or just stoned?

We know it's just a tease and the leftist Muslim Atheist poster will go back to his nonstop posting under his many aliases but we did get a little break. He did post under 3 different aliases. All 3 names go to the Facebook profile page of the person he claims is dead. He did post 3 questions and ...

Answered: Help me , need advise , lost wages

Maybe not quite fair, but yes, he can do it.

Answered: : Ayers family put 'foreigner' Obama through school

How could the Bill Ayres drug smuggling syndicate have put Obama through college? He never went! I can't help but notice that, fearing criminal prosecution, Obama has sealed all his own legal records -- just as we always expect of organized crime figures. Obama is not a matter of concern anymore ...

Answered: Worship the divine obama!

THE LEFTIST MUSLIM ATHEIST POSTER IS STILL POSTING UNDER HIS ALIAS BROTHER B.------------------------------------------ Leftist Muslim Atheist poster, you started posting around 1 pm EST under your alias The little Tramp. He has poster for over 3 hours. You immediately followed that with your ...

Answered: Unethical / Illegal Actions by Mineral Rights Leasing Companies

In communist countries, people have no rights to land including mineral exploration. In Muslim countries, people are born into castes from which they cannot escape. Federal law protects the elderly here. Leftists are all such liars.

Answered: Costco..........I have misplaced/lost my ...

No,I have not found an answer to my question. Thanks. Joan Fraser
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Do You Believe Obama's Campaign for Human Rights?

Human rights? YES! Gay rights? NO! Your rights as a human being are not related to your poorly considered choices.

Do yo believe obama is an American?

I have seen Obama's genuine birth certificate from Mombasa, Kenya. I have also seen the forgery he made in late 2010 and seen the affidavits of two Honolulu clerks who processed that forgery. Even so, that is only the least of Obama's lies. That is why we are in an economic tailspin that we must ...

What are my rights

They might have had problems before with graduation parties where there was underage drinking, even if they didn't provide the liquor. Or maybe with loud parties. Maybe it's racist - would most of the guests be black? You could try asking for the manager of the Holiday Inn. But maybe the manager ...

Is Obama Pro Gay?

Most people who are not gay or do not have close family members and friends who are gay don't even consider gay issues. Obama is not gay therefore any consideration he gives to gay issues is due to pushing his political agenda and he wants to get reelected. Same sex marriage is a hot social issue ...