How many Rhodes scholars has the University of Kansas produced?

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Answered: Universities

If you do a web search for "Top 10 universities" (not universitys as shown in the category) you can get lists of the top 10 in the world, or in the US, or in California. One list of world rankings shows Cal Tech, Oxford, Stanford, Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Cambridge, Imperial College London, UC ...

Answered: Which presidents had a doctorate? Bill Clinton I know has one as a Rhodes

Wodrow Wilson had a PhD. Gerald Ford graduated from Yale law school, and Bill Clinton got a J.D. there. Barack Obama got a J.D. from Harvard. Rutherford B. Hayes had a law degree. Richard Nixon had a law degree.

Answered: Geneticaly Grown ?

Of course they are genetically grown. Everything alive grows according to its genes. Perhaps you meant to ask if their produce is organically grown. Or perhaps you meant to ask whether their produce is genetically modified.

Answered: Alabama State University cannot produce my ...

Losing potential anything is hardly actionable. I don't know where you live in relation to ASU, but I would strongly urge you to show up in person, calling for an interview would be good, with all the credentials that you possess would be very helpful. Did you live on campus at anytime? There ...

Answered: Universe

Univere is anything and everything outside of one's self
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deerchke, very little U.S. census information prior to 1990 is available online. The american fact finder does have most of the last three decennial censuses. You will need to find a hardcopy for 1900. Check with your nearest ...

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