how many republicans in congress in 2013?

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Answered: Can Congress Be Reunited?

Has it ever been all that united? Unity is over rated. Typically when everyone is marching to the same drummer, it's most always a bad thing.

Answered: What country had the most immigrants for 2013

Contrary to popular opinion, it is not inordinately difficult for an honest person to enter the US from Canada or Mexico. One need merely register at the border, they will print a temporary visa (that allows you to go more than 150 miles inland) and after that one need merely contact the ...

Answered: Who are the Cap and Trade Traitors in the Republican Party?

Mostly comprised of seniors and veterans, these large crowds at the town hall meetings are actually reading the healthcare bill and asking the tough questions. Democrats are stunned that these Americans are angry about being lied to about the government takeover of healthcare.

Answered: Years of an all republican congress! Vote these people out of office!

I ain't seen one good thing Democrats done yet. They tried to ruin America, they ran up the national debt sky high, and these chumps are so racist it hurts -- they been that way for the last 150 years so they can't change now. We got a token black guy as a President, and if he did his job I ...

Answered: Is the republican congress controlled by the Koch brothers?

These 4 Rocmike aliases had over 11 straight hours of posting since yesterday. Trampo has over 2 hours, Renner over 4 hours, Fred Guenther over 3 hours and Stressed over 2 hours. We can all thank God that we aren't Rocmike.
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The Democrats did their abject worst to shut down Congress in the name of their 150-year racist stupid streak, shut down the Federal Government to persecute the disabled, veterans, and single moms who need USDA food subsidies, and other such ineffective treachery. Democrats are your bitterest and ...

Are Native Americans living better lives in 2013 than they did in

Aren't we all living better lives since 1913? The native american numbers are dwindled so far they barely make 1% of the population and their purest blood is slowly becoming mixed with every other ethnicity but hey that's the melting pot of america, cooking and boiling indians in its steamy broth ...