how many registered communist in Congress and the white house?

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Answered: Is poland communist

Used to be, NOT any more !.

Answered: House in milwaukee 3623 n 60th street i know the people thatlive there,i

Yes, of course it's possible. Go there and see it.

Answered: Housing plans

I think housing plans are good business to be in. Housing, roofing and all other various aspects related to the home are very significant aspect to be in and various people should be made known too this anyhow. To know more about the roofing one can get along: ...

Answered: How many babies born in the White House?

This is the closest I can get get to it, no real numbers, are they confidential? Sweet G 6/26 ....................................................................... Father's Day 2011: How many presidential babies were born at White House? - Father's Day 2011: How many ...

Answered: How many babies were born in the White House?

Does the question want to know how many babies were born inside the 1600 Pa. Ave. location, or how many babies were born during the administrations of our presidents? For actual births on premises, I'd say none.

Answered: White House Conference on Nutrition

Mitch, try searching on for the information. Good luck.
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BUCK Little late but heart left

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It's mostly Renner who claims other people are the same as Tadpole, such as PG, AC, GB. Then he posts IPA which belongs to, a proxy server in Ashburn VA close to AOL. If AOL uses it then we all use it including Renner.

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Major Garrett left Fox News and is returning to print journalism . He is joining the National Journal as a congressional correspondent.

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Knowing how to cook TRIPE.