how many quarters does a girl have to play in high school basketball in ohio to earn a letter?

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Answered: What school won the State Class C Basketball championship in 1952 and

There are 50 states. Care to narrow it down a bit?

Answered: Who has last sec. shot in high school basketball?

The team that has the ball can shoot it at the last second. If the game is tied, they might choose to wait until there are only 1 or 2 seconds remaining, so the other team won't have time to get off a shot after a miss.

Answered: Orchard Middle School

Is this the information you are looking for? Tamara Blake, Principal Mailing Address: 750 Columbia Road, Dorchester, MA, 02125 Phone: 617-635-8803 Fax: 617-635-9768 Email: Web Site:

Answered: I need this letter

I'm sure AOL has copies of disability awards just sitting in a big vault somewhere just for people who don't have the intelligence to call Social Security and get a copy. LMAO!!!!

Answered: High school

You obviously aren't there yet.
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