how many peppers to a bushel?

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Answered: How to cut hot pepper in spaghetti sauce

Dear Sharon, If your sauce is too hot with Jalapino peppers try some other peppers with less heat or leave the peppers out altogether.

Answered: When do you pick banana peppers?

I would advise it. They will eventually turn red and get leathery. I've never grown the hot variety, but I would imagine they get more potent as they get darker.

Answered: Pepper problems

Excerpt from UFL Web siteControl of the disease is through integrated management techniques. The disease should not be introduced on infected plants. Only seeds that are pathogen-free should be planted. Transplants should be kept clean by controlling weeds and solanaceous volunteers around the ...

Answered: Half a bushel

L- One-half bushel is 0.625 cubic feet. All peppers vary in size. If you get a cardboard box, or make one that is 1'x1'x7.5", then all you have to do is fill it ,dump them out, and count them. Farmer Jay
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Weight of bushel of shelled lima beans

It would depend on moisture content but I think a cup is about 5.64 ounces. There are 64 pints per bushel and 3 cups per pint. Thus 64x3x5.64=721 ounces. Given 16 ounces per pound that gives 45 pounds per bushel

What are the health benefits of peppers? do the different coloured

The health benefits of peppers covers everything from providing pain relief and reducing blood cholesterol to clearing nasal congestion and much more. See this article

How do I can jalapeno peppers

Grandmother, Mother and I have used the following method. Use two parts of apple cider vinegar to one part water, bring to a boil. Add jalapeno peppers to a quart jar pick each one with a knife. Add 1 teaspoon canning salt, 1/2 teaspoon oregano, two cloves of garlic, sliced carrots and onions ...

Recipes using italian fryer peppers- I have Italian fryer peppers growing

i usually wash cut and fry in extra vigin olive oil with fresh garlic and salt and pepper just until a little soft. also if you have any leftover i make a frittata with eggs ,onion, garlic ans cherrie tomatoes. really delicius. just touch the bottom with olive oil. can serve as is or on panini ...